Books and Articles By Arabinda Acharya & Amrit P. Acharya

Amrit P. Acharya and Arabinda Acharya, Cyberterrorism and Biotechnology: When ISIS meets CRISPR, Foreign Affairs, June 2017

Arabinda Acharya and Amrit  P. Acharya, Internet of Things, Ransomware and Terrorism,  Journal of Defense Management, June, 2017

Arabinda Acharya “Is the West prepared for an Islamic State attack?” The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, (June 2016)

Arabinda Acharya “ISIS’ Chemical Weapons: Where They Came From, How They are Used, and What Will Come Next,”       Foreign Affairs, Feb-March 2016

Whither Southeast Asia Terrorism, (London: Imperial College Press, 2015)

By Arabinda Acharya

More than 11 years after the 9/11 attacks and 10 years after the October 2002 Bali bombings, the need for a comprehensive assessment of what the countries in Southeast Asia have achieved is overdue. We need to consider whether the strategies against both the domestic and transnational terrorist and extremist threat have been appropriate and have yielded desired results. The aim of this book is to make a comprehensive assessment of the threats of terrorism and extremism in the region and of the policies and practices adopted by the regional countries to counter the same. It is also necessary to evaluate if the region has become a safer place after the decade-long fight. Most importantly, it is time to ask if we need a rethink or develop a new strategy to contain and manage the threats of terrorism and extremism.