M. Rajaretnam

Rajarethnam is an Asia area specialist. He has done extensive work in the countries of ASEAN, East Asia, India, Central Asia and the South Caucasus. His work has largely focused on research, conferences, training and development, publishing and business and political consultancy and corporate social responsibility issues. He has lived and worked in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India and the United States. He has held senior positions of responsibility in a number of organizations including the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (1993-95), Coordinator of the Singapore Institute of Pacific Economic Cooperation (SINPEC, 1993-95), and Secretary of Singapore-CSCAP (Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific, 1994-96). In 1985 he established the Information & Resource Center (IRC) as a private “think tank” and consultancy that has worked on significant capacity-building activities and business-related work in various Southeast Asian countries. In the last 30 years he has dealt with many cultures and peoples in a direct way, travelled widely and constantly in most countries in Asia including North Korea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, worked with the private sector, government leaders, politicians, scholars, the media, and the growing sector of non-governmental organizations, and foreign donor organizations. Rajaretnam has been publisher and editor of ASEAN Forecast, Indochina Report, Vietnam Commentary and the Manila Report. He was also on the editorial board of several regular periodicals including the Manila-based literary journal, SOLIDARITY. His interests focus on the Southeast Asian region, the building of a Southeast Asian community and the initiation of regional dialogues. He has interacted with governments, political leaders, the private sector, academic institutions and philanthropic organizations since 1972. He has carried out many new and creative initiatives during this period.



Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, 1971-1981

Director, Information & Resource Center, 1985- present

Advisor, Institute Kajian Dasar (Institute for Policy Research), Malaysia, 1994-98

President, Asian Dialogue Society, Singapore, 2003-present

Chief Executive Officer/Director, International Centre, Goa, India, 2005-2008

Special Advisor to the ASEAN Secretary-General on Community Building and Outreach, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008-13)

Other Positions Currently Held:

Consultant, Trung Nguyen Group Corporation, Vietnam, 2015-

Advisor to the People’s Committee, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam, 2014-

Member, Selection Panel, Schwarzman Scholars, 2015-

Advisor, ASEAN Studies Center, American University, Washington DC, USA

Member, Advisory Board, Institute on Disability and Public Policy for the ASEAN Region