Murayama stresses quest for human security

Japan’s prime minister tomiichi murayama Sunday urged the united nations to Use “human security” as a guiding principle in its effort to address global Issues. Problems facing the world, such as population, food, the Environment, refugees and aids, have become more serious than what they Were 50 years ago when the world body was inaugurated, he said. In a speech At a special session of the u.n. general assembly in commemoration of the Founding of the united nations, murayama said that efforts must be made to Pursue not only the conventional national security but the happiness of Each person on the earth as well. This is a challenge the united nations Must tackle in its role to solve global issues, he said. Many of the Problems facing the world have rooted in poverty and social unrest, he Noted. The idea of human security is a concept unveiled by the u.n. Development program last year amid changes in the roles for the united Nations to play with the end of the cold war era. Japan will make maximum Possible international cooperation to eliminate poverty and inequality in The world, he said. The Japanese leader also stressed the need for the World’s countries to accelerate efforts for an ultimate elimination of Nuclear weapons. Murayama said that Japan deeply regrets that nuclear Experiments are going on and hopes that they will be immediately ended. But He refrained from naming china and France. China carried out nuclear blasts Twice this year, while France detonated nuclear devices in September and October in the south pacific after four years of suspension. Murayama asked For support for a resolution against nuclear testing Japan plans to present Together with other u.n. member countries to the current session of the General assembly. He also called for other countries’ stepped-up efforts For a successful conclusion of talks on a comprehensive nuclear test ban Treaty by next spring. On the proposed reform of the u.n. security council, Murayama said that the way for steering the body must be improved by, among Other things, making its business more transparent. He expressed hope that The ongoing work on specific proposals for reforming the council will be Wrapped up at an early time, but he did not refer to the possibility of Japan being accepted into the security council as a permanent member.