Tom Quiggin

Tom Quiggin is a 20 year veteran of the intelligence world and has worked in an intelligence capacity for a number of agencies such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the International War Crimes Tribunal, the Privy Council Office, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the UN and the Canadian Armed Forces. He is also a court qualified expert on jihadism. His area of expertise as noted by the Court in 2005 was the “Structure, organization and evolution of the global jihadist movement.” He has a recently completed sole author book on national security intelligence requirements (Seeing the Invisible: National Security Intelligence in an Uncertain World, Feb 2007). He has also written numerous book chapters and articles on security, intelligence and terrorism in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, The USA, Singapore and Canada. He is currently an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU, Singapore.
Books Published (Single Author)

National Security Intelligence in a Complex and Uncertain Age, Tom Quiggin, World Scientific Press, Singapore (released in February 2007)

Book Chapters Contributed

1. Cutting the Cord: Economic Jihad and Canadian Oil. Edited by James J.F. Forest. Westport, CT: Praeger Security International, (Anticipated publication date: June, 2006)

2. Open Source Intelligence Support to Investigations in a Hostile Climate, in La voir Canadienne vers la Cours pénale internationale: tous les chemins mènent à Rome. The book was published by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice in spring 2004.

3. Intelligence and War Crimes: Some Views from Operational Experience. This chapter was co-written with Joseph Rikhof, Special Counsel for War Crimes (CIC and DOJ) and published in the book Canada and International Humanitarian Law. Published by Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Dalhousie University, 2002.

4 The Role of Western European Regional Organizations in the Former Yugoslavia. This chapter was contributed to book entitled The Changing European Security Environment – Co-edited by Susanne Peters and C. Lott. This project was organized by R. Seidelman and funded by the Volkswagen Group. Published by Jena of Germany, 1996.

5. Peace at Last? An Analysis of the Dayton Agreement on Bosnia-Herzegovina – This chapter formed the postscript for the above noted book by Peters and Lott. 1996.

6. Technology for Peace: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Multinational Interventions in Operations Other Than War. An edited volume organized by Dr Jeremiah Sullivan of the University of Illinois. Funded by the United States Institute for Peace. Personal contribution consists of a chapter on the uses of technology in UN missions and the role of information warfare.

7. Janes/RUSI article in the Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor, “People Power in the War on Terrorism” (June Issue – released on Janes’ website on 03 May 2006) Norman Vasu and Tom Quiggin.

8. Janes/RUSI article in the Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor , “Scanning the horizon for threats to Singapore” (published date of 01 July 2006).

9. Janes/RUSI article in the Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor, “Intelligence lessons: defeating terrorism on the front lines,” (March 2006)

10. The Royal United Services Institute Journal, Sept 2003, Iraq – A War 14 Years in the Making.

11. The Royal United Services Institute Journal, June 1999, Nato’s Ten Years of Muddle.

12. The Royal United Services Institute Journal, April/May 1999, Do Airstrikes Amount to Effective Policy?

13. Internationale Spectator (Feb 98, No 2) Instituut Clingendael: Srebrenica en de internationale gemeenschap in Bosnie (Srebrenica and the International Community in Bosnia)

14. The International Security Review 1999, The Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies: Poets, Politicians and Propaganda in Kosovo (Co-written with Lt Col Robert Williams of the Canadian Armed Forces)

15. Intelligence and National Security Journal, Vol 13, No 4, Winter 1998: Response Article to No Cloak and Dagger Required, Intelligence Support to UN Peacekeeping Missions