U.N. agencies support Annan’s reform proposals

The united nations agencies welcomed and voiced full support for the u.n.secretary-general kofi annan’s reform proposals announced before the general assembly this morning. the administrator of the united nations development program(UNDP)james gustave speth described annan’s reform proposals as far-reaching, saying:” I strongly support the secretary-general’s initiatives because they will strengthen and streamline the UN on every front–peace and security, human rights, development cooperation, humanitarian affairs and economic and social affairs.” “the renewed UN system sought by the secretary-general will become both more effective and more efficient,” said the administrator. Mr. speth said he was looking forward to the speedy implementation of these reforms on collaboration with other UN developing agencies. “the secretary-general’s proposals have taken the UN a major step forward toward a renewed world organization that will become a modern and powerful force for realizing the goal of global human security.” sadik nafis, executive director of the united nations population fund (UNFPA) warmly welcomed and fully supported the secretary-general’s reform proposals as they would affect UNFPA, saying:”they will contribute to a more effective united nations presence in developing countries, enhance the coherence and the impact of united nations support for the development and encourage an increased flow of sources for development, both internal and external.” “the proposed reforms will permit the development work of the united nations system to be seen as parts of an integrated whole rather than as the separate efforts of individual funds and program,” said dr. sadik. in a statement, united nations environment program (UNEP)welcomed the secretary-general’s reform proposals, saying the secretary-general’s assignment of high priority to the environment agency of the world community would energize a transformation already underway. “the reforms announced today have taken into account the outcomes of the nineteenth session of UNEP’s governing council as well as the recent UN general assembly’s special session in new York,” said UNEP. “the full support of the secretary-general will take us the next step in achieving coherence within the united nations system, resonance with the expectations of civil society and maintenance of political vitality. his call for integrity, competence and efficiency in management reform will encourage us in our results orientation,” said UNEP.

carol bellamy, executive director of united nations children’s fund, affirmed support for the secretary-general’s reforms, saying:”the bold recommendations grow out of a vision of a united nations family dedicated to the most effective possible service to humanity, especially the world’s children.” “the secretary-general represented the general assembly with a historic document that will help guide the course of the united nations and all its parts to the next century. we applaud him for his courageous and transforming proposals and look forward to the general assembly’s upcoming discussion and action,” said bellamy.